Excerpt From Mama, Angel, and the Tree Dragon

tree dragonGrandmother Moon and Other Mother Stories EBook by Vlatka Herzberg and Becky Parker Geist is soon to be released. In anticipation, an excerpt from one of the stories, “Mama, Angel, and the Tree Dragon.” Louisa-May tells her little sister, Angel a story so she can have her Mama all to herself:

I told her a story about a little angel that got lost and was sad and all alone until a tree heard her crying. The tree turned into a dragon to help the little angel. It swept her up on his back and flew her all the way back home to her Mother’s lovin’ arms. Angel loved that story.

“Tell it again,” she said.

“I will, but after I tell it you have to stay here and hide in Mr. Gover’s shed until the Tree Dragon comes and gits you, ok?” I said.

“Ok.” Angel nodded her head and hid in the shed in Mr. Gover’s back yard, ready to play my game.

I went back home happy as a puppy that I would have Mama all to myself. When Mama came home she asked me where Angel was. I told her the story of the Tree Dragon and how it took Angel away.

To read and hear more of this story stay tuned for the EBook release and audio book release announcements.

Copyright © 2014, Vlatka Herzberg, all rights reserved. You may not reproduce materials without permission from Vlatka Herzberg.

Illustration © 2014, Natasha Tasiyana Kolida, all rights reserved. You may not reproduce illustration without permission from Natasha Tasiyana Kolida.


9 thoughts on “Excerpt From Mama, Angel, and the Tree Dragon

  1. Folk stories have always been a wonderful way to open the imagination and learn valuable life lessons. It opens the mind to all possibilities. Vlatka Herzberg has created these stories to be enjoyed and shared.


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