About Vlatka Herzberg

Welcome. I am a Tutoring Teacher at a reputable Chinese after school on the Peninsula in California. I have created a Creative Writing curriculum for grades 1-5. I draw upon my extensive experience teaching storytelling and creative writing in Canada and the U.S.A. as well as my experience as a self-published and freelance children’s author.

It is my delight to work with children of various ages. Time and again they show me that it is important to engage their interests when teaching. Working for an after school program allows for more flexibility than working in a public school. I have more time to assess what is working and isn’t working, see how the children are responding individually and as a group and make adjustments.

I also have the advantage of seeing through the eyes of an author, holding that vision, that the children are each authors. I often write stories for the classes I teach, and so in this way lead by example. I love what I do, and this I also share with the children.

Recently, I had a third grader tell me he didn’t like creative writing. He still wrote a very clever spoof of a short story. I asked him if he wrote in jest. And he nodded his head. I mentioned an author who did the same thing for a living and was doing well financially. Then I asked him why it was important to write. Through the interaction I realized that it is important for me to write because as writers we can have impact, we can empower people, we can enlighten, we can motivate, inform, bring humor, expand possibilities, ignite hope and much more.

It is my hope to share some of my teaching and writing experiences with you, hoping that it will enrich your learning creative time with the children in your life.

My very best to you.

Vlatka Herzberg

Copyright © 2017, Vlatka Herzberg, all rights reserved. You may not reproduce materials without permission from Vlatka Herzberg.






5 thoughts on “About Vlatka Herzberg

  1. Hi Vlatka, thanks for visiting and for sharing your blog where I can read to my children. They love stories so much. we have much to discover in your creative weaving.


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