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Abuela and the Rock Child Audio Sample

mother_and_rockchildThe story of Abuela and the Rock Child was actually inspired by a song and true story about a father and his two young daughters who did a remake of a popular song to raise awareness about the plight of not being able to bring their Mexican Mother/Grandmother into the U.S. I was struck by the love of the son and his daughters for their Mother and Grandmother and by the pain of separation. The song the children sang for their Grandmother was very touching. I couldn’t get their story out of my mind while I was working on writing the series of stories for Grandmother Moon and Other Mother Stories, so I decided to just write and see what story found me.

It was also a beautiful sunny day and my writing studio looks out onto a hillside with a garden and trees. Broccoli and collards had flowered and attracted bees and butterflies. Bluejay chattered, and the hummingbird whirred its wings as it peered at me through the window. The potpourri of colors, sounds, and images stirred my imagination and out of it all I wrote Abuela and the Rock Child.

The illustration is by my daughter, Natasha Tasiyana. Three of the four illustrations for book one and the cover illustration are by Natasha. I’m thrilled to have her participate. I have been making up stories for my daughter since she was a little girl, so to have her create drawings for my stories now is especially delightful.

I love the sounds of the wind and the birds that Becky added to the audio story. It immediately transported me into Abuela’s garden. I hope you will be transported their too. Have a listen.

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Becky Parker Geist:

Illustration by Natasha Tasiyana Kolida: