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White Dragon and DragonSong #1 by Vlatka Herzberg

Once there were dragons in our world, there are still dragons in Other worlds, and there are dragons within us. Long ago, deep in the heart of an ancient oak tree slept a child. She looked human, but was not. She was of the world of nature and the nature spirits, so it was natural for her to be hibernating. In a way it was as though the tree itself was her mother and held the child. The young child nestled in a blanket of moss and roots and dreamed of dragons, noble dragons, small dragons, dragons that breathed fire, and dragons that swam in water. Amongst them was the most regal of dragons. It was as white as the tree child’s skin. This dragon’s wings were made of feathers as soft as a swans. This dragon’s face had white whiskers and tufts of white hair in its ears. When it breathed, it breathed a mist in and out of itself, filling its world with mystery. The tree child dreamed herself into this dragon’s embrace, and although she did not know it yet, the Dragon named her DragonSong.

In the human world, a child was born that was destined to be a greater warrioress. She was born screaming and defiant, and did not want to be near her mother, only her father. As she grew, she followed her father wherever he would go. When he went to battle, she yelled and screamed because she was not allowed to go with him. The sages and soothsayers said that she was destined to conquer the mighty White Dragon. So father and mother honored the human child and allowed her to learn combat when she was of age. She quickly became very skilled and adept and was by far the best swords person in all the land. The people called her Might for no challenger was her rival. Dual after dual Might won. She soon grew tired and bored with this child’s play and set off looking for real adventure.

When DragonSong awoke from her dreams, she stepped out of the tree and saw that the tree was no longer in the forest she had known as her home, but instead was in an old abandoned Faerie Temple. It was cold and full of mist, but DragonSong had brought warmth of the forest with its ivies and song birds.

A low rumbling voice echoed in the parlor, “Welcome to my abode. I am the White Dragon.” The majestic white dragon bowed its head to the child. She stepped toward it and tentatively touched it’s nose. The Dragon sneezed and mist settled on the child’s face and shoulders. She laughed. The laughter rumbled through the empty temple. It rolled off the walls and landed on the dragon and tickled him with delight.  “Please, great White Dragon, tell me why I am here?” The dragon did not speak in words for such is not the dragon way. It lowered its brow to the child’s and told his story in images.

DragonSong saw images of the great white dragon pierced through the belly by a tree. She saw images of a human warrioress, fierce and determined with single focus on the White Dragon’s defeat. Dragon Song saw herself as a woman working the White Dragon Magic and uniting humans and the spirits of nature, helping them to work together in harmony. Image after image filled the child’s mind until she was weary with sleep. She cradled up in the White Dragon’s wing, and once again she fell to dreaming.

Because DragonSong was of the Other worlds, she could move from world to world with ease. She could enter the heart of Faerie just by desiring it. DragonSong imagined waterfalls flowing from cities suspended in air. Sylphs danced and played with the Undines teasing their watery hair. DragonSong entered this world looking for a Dragon Sage one who could teach her what the White Dragon could not teach her,  how to defeat the human who was intent on killing the dragon.

The Dragon Sage spoke in the hushed whispers of leaves. His voice sang like a harp and danced like weeping willows surrendering to a breeze. He spoke with balls of light and flames of fire and cast a circle about DragonSong. Stones with ancient scribe arose in the circle. The stones birthed a red dragon who breathed fire into stone and forged an amulet for DragonSong. The Sage placed the amulet around DragonSong’s neck. She morphed and grew into a woman. The red dragon’s eyes pierced DragonSong’s eyes with fire. The Sage filled her heart and hand with crescents of light. She moved her arms and the red dragon moved with her. In her mind’s eye she could see the warrioress and knew it was time that she return to the White Dragon.

Might had tracked down the White Dragon’s Lair. There was nothing that stood in her way of defeating the White Dragon. He would not know she was there. He was old and some said maybe even blind. Might walked towards the crack of light coming from frozen land and stone. The light emanating from the mountain caught her breath, but she would not be swayed. She came here for one purpose and one purpose alone.

 Dragon Song was prepared. She had taken the old dragon down to a spring deep inside the mountain and here she worked her White Dragon Magic. She thought of the Dragon Sage and his Red Dragon. She thought of the fire in her eyes and heart. She thought of the impending death of the White Dragon and the fire rose to her heart and moved down her arms into her hands, making the crescent moons glow with light. Her hands moved like dragons flying in the air, they wove in and out, making spirals and swirls and sigels, up, down and around, and back again. Her long white sleeves flowed with grace, weaving white streaks of Runes and symbols into the air. The White Dragon dragged its body close to hers. Her magic revived him. He filled himself with her essence. He filled himself with her love. DragonSong’s essence and love pulsed through the White Dragon’s body. His wings flapped. His eyelids burst open, and where once there were eyes now there was only light. (To be continued.)

Note from author, Vlatka Herzberg: This story is part of a collection of short stories I have written. The stories come to life as I play with characters and ideas meditatively and with images that inspire me.

Copyright © 2014, Vlatka Herzberg, all rights reserved. You may not reproduce materials without permission from Vlatka Herzberg.