Creating Comics, Lesson Plan:

Each student will write and draw a comic based upon a character they create.


  1. Read comics created by other students.
  2. Discuss comics vocabulary that includes lettering, word bubbles, captions,, panels and the importance of word and picture balance.
  3. Receive a quick and basic drawing lesson to get started
  4. Fill out a story map that includes the student’s characters, setting, problem and solution.
  5. Write the story as a narrative short story first.
  6. Turn the short story into a comic script, panel by panel.
  7. Draw and write a 4 or 5 panel comic script.
  8. Share with a partner, receive their critique or positive feedback. (When we first create comics we may leave important details out, by receiving feedback from a peer, it helps us see the story through a reader’s eyes.)
  9. Edit any changes.

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