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What’s a Grandmother Moon? And… Announcing Preorders of Grandmother Moon eBook!

FullMoonEclipseVlatkaBlogMany Native American Indians call the moon Grandmother Moon. To me personally, it is a sign of respect, a reverence for nature and the wisdom of nature. It is an expression of living an enchanted life and knowing that everyone and everything is connected, including animals and plants.

Calling the moon Grandmother is a way of showing respect and honoring the oneness with nature. I think of Grandmother Moon as representing the feminine, intuition, wisdom, dreaming and perceiving. When I call the moon Grandmother I treat her like I would an elder or wise Old One. I believe whenever we show reverence to nature we come into deeper harmony and balance with ourselves.

I have enjoyed reading many fairy tales, folktales and myths over the years and have especially loved making up my own stories, influenced by my personal relationship with nature. I have always resonated with Native American Folk Tales because of the kinship between nature and people. I think these kinds of stories help us to remember more of who we are and more of who we can be.

There are two Grandmother Moon stories written by me in Grandmother Moon and Other Mother Stories: Book One. Becky Parker Geist and I are thrilled to announce that this first eBook in the Grandmother Moon Series is now available for preorder at:


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