Let’s have fun writing and creating together! I offer a unique variety of creative writing classes for grades one to eight, which includes: Writing and Drawing Comics, Writing Reader’s Theater Plays, and Writing Short Stories. Genre to genre, writing the same story as a short story, then writing it as a play and then as comic panels is also available.

Choose from two or five, classes, or sixteen classes that culminate with a final project. I am available for school bookings and home school support group classes. I offer classes to compliment your after school program too.

Ask about the Sharing Stories classes where you can choose a topic or issue that is current in your classroom like stealing, or political differences of opinion, or a more national concern like school shootings, and I will customize a story. After I share the story with your classroom, we’ll open up a discussion with the students about the topic and then they will write their own stories. It can be in short story or comic panel format.

Experience: I created a Readers Theater Play and Comic Book Writing Curriculum for grades 1 to 5 at the Hanlin Academy Chinese After School in Belmont, CA, which culminated with a desktop published book of the children’s plays and comics. I also created a Comic Book Writing Club for grades 4 to 8 at La Tierra Montessori in New Mexico. My published comics include “David, Software Engineer,” an Educational Comic Book that I co-wrote, and also Tail to Tale, published in the Build A Comic Anthology by the Redwood City Library.

My script writing experience includes a 2 year Radio and Television Arts Program, many screenwriting workshops, including a television writing course through the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity and mentoring with film industry professionals. My short story writing experience includes creating short teaching stories for classrooms in Canada, freelance writing projects and the self-published book, Grandmother Moon and Other Mother Stories.

For more information email: vlatkaherzberg@gmail.com.




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